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Pink Ladies


For Carolyn Stash, life has been filled with unexpected twists and turns, all of which have led her to the water. Carolyn created Atlastrax in 2014, a worldwide boat and asset satellite tracking company after seeing a need to track boats for safety and theft. In order to get her new woman-owned business off the ground, while working full time, she began volunteering at local tournaments, setting up booths to advertise her product, donate trackers and sell one tracker at a time.


In 2018, at the age of 53, when she could dedicate all of her time to Atlastax and new tournaments loomed on the horizon, Carolyn’s life changed. Before an October tournament to support breast cancer, she had noticed a lump in her breast. Oct. 14, 2018, she went in for a checkup and was told the news no one wants to hear: she had breast cancer. Carolyn had surgery right away, Nov 14 2018 and her prognosis is still getting better every day. During the times she couldn’t run her business, the fishing community stepped up to the plate and helped her. 


Now, Carolyn gives back to the same community who helped her in her time of need. Carolyn founded the Pink Ladies, a tournament fishing team comprised of inspirational women who have one way or another had their lives changed by breast cancer. Now, she and her crew spend their days running their individual businesses and fishing for awareness. “We want to let people know we’re breast cancer survivors and if you’re going through this too or know someone who is diagnosed, we want to help share our stories.”

Carolyn Stash

Survivor and Inspirer


Pink Ladies